"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

– Benjamin Franklin

Medicreations will build skills and boost confidence.

No other developers or manufacturers of skin and body care energy devices are as focused on educating professionals for the skin and body care industry than Medicreations.

More than this, here is what we say:

“Learning first”

Medicreations will deliver a special learning path as unique as your business!

Most of the unsuccessful skin and body care businesses fail to perform due to lack of comprehensive training and ongoing real-time educational updates.

Medicreations will deliver full comprehensive education and training programs to always be followed with a real time and ongoing updates.

Training of device operation and safety is one of the most important aspects that Medicreations offers. We also educate business/clinic/med-spa unit management and business team leadership.

Smart industry marketing, tools and accessories use, and snapshot training of industry crises-management, are just part of the training we offer.

Medicreations will train our partners to lead their business/clinic/med-spa and team to the highest operational and reliable skills in all important parameters in our industry.

Medicreations Partners will be introduced to our training programs in business management and on Medicreations “smart targeted marketing” program, developed by Medicreations engineers especially for our partners, based on real factors and tailored especially for our partner’s territory, and the industry needs.

Medicreations academy offers an extensive training in skin body/care, Salon/MedSpa, and Dermatology clinic factors of management.

Medicreations training may include skin care theory, body, facials, bacteriology, sterilization and sanitation.

Medicreations Partners maybe also trained in anatomy, physiology, cosmetics, skin and body care analysis, nutrition and medical terminology.

As a Medicreations partner, you’ll experience career training that begins and ends with one goal — helping you to launch a career you’ll enjoy and love.

The Medicreations team supports our partners. We are supported by our partners as well, to develop our Partner’s personal result success stories!

Our Partner graduates will be capable of using transdermal light devices and other skin and body care energy devices such as:

  • IPL- intense pulse light
  • Diverse laser energy devices
  • Radio Frequency RF.
  • IR infrared.
  • And more.

Medicreations training programs will lead to a career in skin and body care business operation, as well as energy device operations, with high skills and confidence to gain remarkable results in client satisfaction!

Our Academy offers broad based personal appearance knowledge and skills, such as skin care analysis, cosmetics development, and identification of skin disorders.

As Medicreations team we enjoy what we do, and we are happy and proud doing it for our partners

We rally our partners with our infectious energy to make success stick, taking them to the top of our industry

Medicreations Partners don’t just learn about skin care techniques and procedures, they study franchise business management, how to interview clients, diagnostic processes, sales programs, and price offers.

Medicreations education programs will be supported by a high skilled professional team of Trainers, Doctors, Nurses, and Industry professionals..

All of Medicreations education programs will be supported by high level educational tools such as:

  • Facility including all energy device tools and accessories, manual operation and use of books, videos and interactive training tools and an open on-line training service support.

Our partners will be prepared to manage and control their business/clinic/med-spa, and to lead their business together with Medicreations team to the top of our industry in their territory creating ongoing growth in revenues and profit.

We work every day, all days, nonstop, around the clock, and don't let up!

You will follow the renowned Pivot Point curriculum that stresses hands-on learning and is taught through innovative new knowledge delivery techniques and methods.

Practice in our fully equipped facility. Build firsthand experience providing facials, skin and body care procedures, spa treatments, and more.

Train on techniques and device operations, as well as clients diagnostic procedures, marketing and sales procedures, business management, team esteem knowledge, crisis management, leadership and many more industry secrets.

Medicreations states:
“It’s not about purchasing a device only! It’s all about the knowledge of Service and Support!”

Medicreations will share industry secrets with our partners
and together will climb with our partners to the top of the mountain of the success of our industry!

We never go alone!