Medicreations Team strives for perfection with our Devices

All Medicreations partners need to strive for perfection as well, by handling and treating our devices exactly as we train. We are striving for perfection. We will demand from our partners the same approach.

Medicreations guarantees its products/devices against defects in material and workmanship for the period of contract, depending upon the product/device Specific warranty available under individual product warranty specifications.

  • Our warranty covers all devices for the full period of the contact.
    No more worries, you work, and we assure you “peace of mind”.
  • Online trouble-shooting is ready to assist during office hours.
  • Comprehensive Education Program. (view our education banner).
  • Device replacement will be provided in cases of long term repair. (very rare to happen).
  • On location training and updates offered a few times a year, or by demand.
  • Certification of business operation will be issued to the operator/s, owner/s.
  • Personalized Certificate of device operation will be issued to 2 operators.
  • Access to Medicreations “Targeted Marketing Tool” for better analysis and understanding of the market potential or changes per partner territory.
  • Marketing materials on demand, custom made per location.
  • Procedure price list recommendation.

“It’s not about purchasing a device only!
It’s all about the knowledge of Service and support!”